The far left is furious that a government-run insurance concern and more Medicare entitlements have been stripped from the Senate bill.

The head of the far-left Daily Kos says: "The insurance companies win. Time to kill this monstrosity coming out of the Senate."

A Huffington Post blogger says: "It's been pretty clear that the members of the Democratic leadership in the Senate are a bunch of amoral cowards who are afraid to play hardball."

What has the far left really insane is Sen. Joseph Lieberman, who will not support the massive entitlement spending. Lieberman can block the voting and is making life very difficult for his former party.

Remember, the senator from Connecticut is no longer a Democrat. He ran as an independent and won.

So now the far left is attacking Lieberman's wife. A vicious Web site wants her fired as global ambassador for a breast cancer charity, if you can believe it.

A personal note here: For 13 years I have been personally attacked by the far left. They never stop. But I'm on the front lines. There is no excuse for attacking Hadassah Lieberman. It is just sickening. All the woman is trying to do is help people with cancer.

Personal attacks have no place in public discourse, period. And attacks on families are unacceptable, yet you see them all the time on NBC and other media outlets. Disgraceful.

Back to the health care fiasco. On Tuesday, President Obama met with some Democratic senators because the bill may collapse. Here's what the president said after that meeting:


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: Now let's be clear. The final bill won't include everything that everybody wants. No bill can do that. But what I told my former colleagues today is that we simply cannot allow differences over individual elements of this plan to prevent us from meeting our responsibility to solve a long-standing and urgent problem for the American people.


Translation: Pass it at any cost.

Late Tuesday, Howard Dean said the president should kill the entire bill. Another far-left guy saying a compromise is not worth it.

The question is: What will happen now? I don't know.

But I do know one thing: This trillion-dollar health care deal is as chaotic as anything I've ever seen in Washington.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

Pop star Taylor Swift turned 20 years old last weekend, and she is an enormous star. To celebrate her birthday, Ms. Swift is donating $250,000 to buy school supplies for poor children.

We are very impressed with this young woman. She handles herself extremely well, realizes she is a role model for young girls and is now using her prosperity to help other people.

Taylor Swift remains a patriot.

On the pinhead front, it is unbelievable but Americans are still calling 911, the emergency band, over stupid stuff like this:

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UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I asked them four different times to make me a Western BBQ Burger. They keep giving me a hamburger with lettuce, tomato and cheese, onions. And I said, "I'm not leaving. I want a Western Burger."

911 DISPATCHER: Ma'am, we're not going to go down there and enforce your Western Bacon Cheeseburger.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What am I supposed to do?

911 DISPATCHER: I suggest you get your money back and go somewhere else. This is not a criminal issue. We can't go out there and make them make you a cheeseburger the way you want it.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You're supposed to be here to protect me.

911 DISPATCHER: Well, what are we protecting you from, a wrong cheeseburger?


911 DISPATCHER: Is this like, is this a harmful cheeseburger or something? I don't understand what you want us to do.


That woman is a pinhead.

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