Crowds descended on downtown Boston Monday for the four-day Democratic National Convention (search).

At the FleetCenter, security was tight as media personnel swarmed the cramped venue, fighting for floor space to prepare for the 4,353 delegates who will take part in the quadrennial coronation of the Democratic presidential candidate.

The convention runs from Monday through Thursday night, culminating in the acceptance of the Democratic nomination for president by Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry. Former President Clinton was slated to be the featured speaker Monday night — and would be introduced by his wife, New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, who was also giving a speech.

Democratic Convention: Sell Kerry or Bash Bush?

A sample of your responses:

As I am an Independent, who neither likes big business or socialism (because they are by products of both parties), I reserve my vote for neither party. There is no lesser of two evils here.
Our country is a REPUBLIC, not a DEMOCRACY as both try to pass off via the media. Its time for the PEOPLE to take our country back from Corporations and Socialists.
Clay S.
Big Spring, TX

I don't feel Kerry has a chance in this election overall. But if he wants to even compete after these 4 days are done... They better sell Kerry as much as they can. Because even up to this point I don't feel they have done that.
Chad R.
Tyler, TX

I think it will be "Bash Bush" week.
Judy B.
Tokyo, Japan

Kerry has nothing to sell but Bush Bashing. He can't sell higher taxes and a reduced military.
J.C. Lett
Fanning Springs

The option of Bush bashing or introducing Kerry is a double edged sword. People that are tired of the Bush hatred will not get much out of being introduced to Kerry.
Shawn V.

Kerry has had over a year of visibility and speaking and has not only not defined himself, but has also not defined any distinct platform, he seems to waft with the direction of the wind on what he believes, he has also not put a stop to the hate mongering, nor to the foul mouthed bashing, he has displayed no real control over his party, unlike Bill or Hill neither of which I like but I must respect, the charisma and control they had and still have!
John C.

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