Democrat Infighting Hurting Both Candidates

Obama supporters in the media have been trying to change the subject all week.

First, grabbing onto an alleged misstatement by John McCain about the relationship between Al Qaeda in Iraq and the terror sponsoring arms of the government of Iran. Then, Thursday night, the TV screen blew up with the breathtaking news that someone at the State Department was peeking at Obama's passport files.

Anything to change the subject from race, Pastor Wright and the candidate whose halo was found to be slipping.

But while team Obama tries to get out of the hot seat, and the Clinton people chortle, and McCain tries to stay out of the Clinton and Obama crossfire, the Democrats have a worry about their own voters. If the fratricide of Clinton on Obama and Obama on Clinton — think of that picture of Bill Clinton and Pastor Wright here — if it all continues and supporters continue to be embittered, will Clinton voters stick with Obama if he gets the nomination, or vice versa?

A new poll of Pennsylvanians conducted by a Keystone State University finds twenty percent of Dem voters will go for McCain if their own candidate doesn't get the nomination. This was a very small survey and it involves only one state — and it seems to be an improbably high defection rate — but for Democrats the nightmare scenario is, "What if it's even partially right?"

Could Democrat infighting between the first black man to be president versus the first woman to be president ensure that neither ends up president?

A ray of hope for Democrats in our new FOX News poll out today which shows Clinton over McCain by three points — and she actually improved her position since our last poll — but McCain over Obama by one point, and that was a shift of five points since the last poll.

We also asked about third party candidate Ralph Nader. The question, “Would you seriously consider voting for a third party candidate like him over one of the other majority party candidates?” Ten percent of Dems said yes, 21 percent of Independents said yes, 14 percent of Republicans said yes.

If those numbers were in play, a tight election could be affected.

So, why do you think the Obama people reacted so quickly and so loudly to the bogus passport files dirty trick story? First, to stop the Jeremiah Wright discussion, and secondly, to refocus angry, suspicious and paranoid Democrats on George W. Bush.

Remember, after eight years of Bush, Democrats know they'd have to be geniuses to lose. And they're beginning to show signs of just that genius.

That's My Word.

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