Key demands made by Macedonia's ethnic Albanian insurgents, to the Albanian language service of Germany's Deutsche Welle earlier this month:

— Changes in the Macedonian constitution to declare the country "a state of two constituent peoples — Macedonian and Albanian."

— End of alleged discrimination against ethnic Albanians in political institutions.

— The release "of all political prisoners," presumably a reference to six suspects in custody while facing trials for terrorism in connection with a series of bombings in 1999.

— The implementation of "neutral international mediation" to resolve differences between Macedonia's Albanian minority and the Slavic majority.

— The carrying out of a census by international organizations to determine the size of the ethnic Albanian community — variously estimated between 22 percent and 30 percent of the country's 2 million people.

— Foreign governments take a "neutral stand" in the conflict.

— "Macedonian mothers" not allow "their sons to become victims of ambitions of Macedonian authorities."