Defending Ward Churchill

We were wondering when the ACLU (search) would say something. After all, this Churchill controversy is the ultimate free speech issue, is it not? But, for weeks, the ACLU remained silent on the matter. Now it has finally broken that silence and the ACLU backs Churchill. Talking Points is stunned.

Before we get to the ACLU statement, there's new stuff about Churchill himself.

In 1998, he wrote a book called "A Little Matter of Genocide: Holocaust and Denial in the Americas, 1492 to the Present." In the book, Churchill says that Jewish scholars stressed the Holocaust to, "construct a conceptual screen behind which to hide the realities of Israel's ongoing genocide against the Palestinian population." He also says that the murder of European Jews was not a fixed policy objective of the Nazis.

So all you Jewish ACLU members might want to ponder that when considering your membership because the ACLU now says this about Churchill: "The ACLU of Colorado calls upon the regents, legislators and the governor to stop threatening Mr. Churchill's job because of the content of his opinions. The governmental interference with the content of Mr. Churchill's constitutionally protected opinions tramples on fundamental American liberties."

At this point, I will let you decide whether Churchill has abused his free speech rights by sympathizing with terrorists who have killed Americans. Some might call this treason. Some might call it gross dereliction of his duties as a teacher. To put forth that Israel's perpetuating a Holocaust and that 9/11 victims were like the Nazi Adolf Eichmann is flat out false. There's no two sides to the story.

So the University of Colorado board of regents can fire Churchill on incompetence and I think that's what's going to happen. Of course, the ACLU would then sue on the president's behalf and the taxpayers of Colorado wind up paying even more money because of this guy.

The Civil Liberties Union will argue that dissent is being stifled. The state will argue that dissent based on false statements is incompetent. Would CU allow the ravings of a demented person in any classroom? Many Americans believe Churchill's words prove he is demented.

This is a classic free speech battle that Churchill will take as far as he can. He's speaking this evening at C.U. because he clearly relishes the fight.

So let's have the fight. Let the world see what constitutes free speech and what constitutes irresponsible, incompetent behavior on the part of a college professor. We'll keep you posted every step of the way.

And that is The Memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

As you know, we get hammered from both the left and the right, which is the price of being independent and successful in America. Now we don't mind criticism on issues, but personal attacks are another matter. I ignore most of them, but, once in a while, I feel compelled to respond.

There is a right-wing radio guy, the Voice of a Nation, who doesn't like "The Factor" gear concept. He doesn't like me much either, but he rails and rails about the greed of the gear. Of course, the guy has to know, because I've said it many times, that a major portion of the gear money goes to charity.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars has been donated to various causes, which are listed on There's even a foundation in the name of my parents set up to continue that work. So criticism of "Factor" gear may be ridiculous, especially if all the facts are not put forth. Any nation would want to know the truth.

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