Deepak Chopra, Evil Capitalist

So Deepak Chopra, otherwise known as "the dude full of poop," has finally taken responsibility for something awful that isn't one of his books. I am referring to Sunday's 7.2 earthquake along the border of Mexico and the United States.

He wrote to his Twitter followers (who I like to call "Twits" because anyone following Deepak has to be one): "Had a powerful meditation just now — caused an earthquake in Southern California."

Later, he added: "Was meditating on Shiva mantra & earth began to shake."

"Sorry about that."

I suppose this passes for humor in the Chopra household or he might have been serious. Either way, it's kind of odd. If he's kidding, then it's always nice to see a practitioner of peace joking about an event that kills a few people.

Now, if he's serious — which I think he is — then it further exposes the hilariously massive ego of this alternative-medicine huckleberry. This guy believes his mumbo jumbo is so powerful that it actually moves tectonic plates. Maybe Hugo Chavez is onto something: It wasn't seismic science after all, but evil capitalists!

And that's what Chopra is: an evil capitalist.

He's evil because he often denigrates the American system, while taking full advantage of it selling DVDs, books, seminars and wellness programs that soak people for thousands of dollars. He is a true capitalist, even if what he's capitalizing on is lonely middle-aged women.

That's not so much earthshaking as it is nauseating.

And if you disagree with me, you're probably a racist homophobe who doesn't bring his own yoga mat.

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