Saturday, February 16 at 11 p.m. ET & Sunday, February 17 at 2 a.m. ET
Hosted by Linda Vester

The soldier of the future is here today...And he's more lethal than ever. Join us for a very special look at the new high tech weapons of war in our hour long special Declassified: The New Weapons of War.

It's no secret that the United States has the best equipped fighting force in the world. What is secret is some of the new high-tech equipment we're developing for future wars.

Host Linda Vester traveled to Fort Benning, Georgia, home of the United States Army Infantry School and the world's most advanced "battle lab."

We'll take you inside a mock village that is part of the lab at Ft. Benning and show you the remarkable, high-tech gear that's being tested on the base for use in combat situations.

Not surprisingly, seventy percent of all our war casualties have been infantry soldiers, the infantry being the branch of the Army comprised of soldiers trained to fight on foot. At Fort Benning, the job of the battle lab is to keep members of the infantry "in the fight" AND to bring them back safely. We'll introduce you to new computer technology that is at the forefront of that effort.

In addition to computer technology, during the war in Afghanistan unmanned aerial vehicles UAVs) were used with great success to find and attack targets...and protect our troops. The Pentagon was quite pleased with the efficiency of the UAVs and the ease with which they spotted Taliban and Al Qaeda positions. Now those UAVs are getting even smaller. In fact, you won't believe just how small they may become...we'll show you in Declassified.

Plus, don't miss our tour of "McKenna Village" a replica of a European town that can now be reconfigured to look like any part of the world. Why a mock village? Because military planners estimate that in the future, most conflicts will be fought in built up urban areas, like the one that's replicated at McKenna Village, where it's nearly impossible to distinguish combatants from civilians and a sniper's rifle can suddenly appear from any window or doorway.

Don't miss Declassified: The New Weapons of War hosted by Linda Vester, Saturday, February 16 at 11 p.m. ET & Sunday, February 17 at 2 a.m. ET.