Death to Smoochy, Panic Room, Hollywood Ending, Monsters Inc. and Kissing Jessica Stein.

Does dark comedy seem any funnier on a smaller screen? Or should Death to Smoochy enjoy the same rigor mortis on home video it was greeted with at the box office? Robin Williams was trying to do something offbeat but this Danny DeVito directed film was no Krusty The Clown. See One Hour Photo for a twisted Robin instead.

Jodie Foster and her daughter are 'Home Alone' until some bad guys break in and they have to high tail it into the Panic Room. A much better movie than the money it made I think. I now have a Panic Room in my own apartment. OK, I put a deadbolt and some cheese and crackers in my closet.

If you're like me you'll count the minutes to the Hollywood ending of Hollywood Ending. Woody Allen thinks he's blind. Maybe that's how he wrote the script. As usual, a lot of great people are wasted.

The monster hit this week will of course be Monsters Inc. And it deserves to be. It was one of the best films last year. And the DVD should have lots of great extras.

Finally, despite it's cop-out ending, the lipstick lesbian romantic comedy Kissing Jessica Stein plays cute and should launch a successful career for Jennifer Westfeldt. Is it just me or does she look like the girl from Scrubs? It's just me. Thank you.