'Death of Terri Schiavo ... Threatens Us All'

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It's Easter weekend and those who believe Easter is about something other than bunny rabbits, dyed eggs and marshmallow chickens, will find it eerie that a type of passion play is playing out in Florida.

Terry Schiavo (search) has been sentenced to death.

One does not wish to push the analogy too far. Easter remains a unique event, but it will not be lost on the millions, who observe it as the death of an innocent man for guilty men and women, that Terri Schiavo does not deserve to die.

Those Catholics and evangelical Protestants who voted for President Bush in large numbers will be heartened that he and a republican Congress came to the aid of this Catholic woman in her time of distress. Beyond the politics, though, is something more important.

Our "evolving standards," as Justice Kennedy (search) recently called them in a death penalty case, means all of us are potentially at risk of euthanasia if we do not measure-up to cultural and arbitrary whims imposed by unaccountable judges. Do you see where this is headed?

Today, it's Terri Schiavo. Tomorrow it could be you or me.

As pressure grows to ease the financial burden on social security, pressure will also grow to eliminate the elderly and infirm to "free-up" more money for the "fit" and those who contribute more than they take from society.

Events like this should not be seen in a vacuum. When one category of life is deemed unworthy of protection — as with Jews and African-Americans in our recent past — other categories are soon threatened.

The death of Terri Schiavo diminishes us all. It also threatens us all.

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