Death Cults Now, Virgins Later

So I spent shorty-robe Sunday watching TV (in my shorty-robe), witnessing many experts ride the "root causes of terrorism" merry-go-round.

They expressed surprise that so many well-educated and well bred men end up trying to kill us — as if a diploma from the University of Bridgeport makes you immune to poisonous ideology. But as long as they focus on the bomber and not what made him a bomber — it's like mistaking a recipe for a meal.

The fact is, these guys — despite their education — are seduced by a belief system devised to offer something they can't find anywhere else: Recognition. The shortest line to fame, is infamy.

Think about how it works in America. If you're a young man out to impress a girl, you join a band. Another becomes a comic. Another might obsess over his quads at the gym.

(I can donkey squat thrust 450 lbs, by the way; I have pictures.)

But few alternatives exist for jihad-embracing losers when your culture demonizes women. Men are left angry and unsatisfied — and most important, immune to the soothing sensibilities of women.

So they join death cults that promise all the virgins later. Angry men, meet radical Islam. It's a match made in heaven. It has nothing to do with education or class. It has to do with sexual hopelessness and a mad system that created it, in order to capitalize on it.

Which is why the only people who can help stop this idiocy are the women of Islam. They need to remind their men that the women are here, on earth. Not up there

And if you disagree with me, you're a racist homophobe who can't bench twice his own weight.

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