So the terrorists who blew up 200 people in Indonesia back in 2002 were finally executed and the BBC did the only thing that the BBC does well: they wet their pants.

The British Band of Cowards published a stupid little article, opining that such punishment only turns bombers into martyrs.

And, to prove their point, the author turns the bombers into martyrs: Focusing on the radicalization of these three boys as they became "Islamic Warriors" and now Indonesia's "most famous faces." See, these chaps weren't really terrorists, they were the Jonas Brothers, with blasting caps.

The writer ignores one key fact — that these terrorists can no longer terrorize because they're dead — and instead embraces a soggier perspective: That killing these terrorists somehow keeps their message alive.

That's true, as long as the BBC keeps writing about their message.

See, we cannot say whether a punishment for terror creates more terror. That decision is up to the terrorists, really.

So here's my solution: If we can't stop martyrdom, then let's encourage it. Because although terrorists will always terrorize, dead ones don't — and that's the kind of martyrdom I can get behind.

And if you disagree with me, then you sir are worse than Hitler.

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