Sen. Mark Dayton (search) said Wednesday he is reopening his Senate office after closing it last month, citing terrorist threats.

Dayton, D-Minn., said that the threats outlined in classified intelligence reports that prompted the closure covered activity only through Election Day (search).

"The timeline for the heightened threat has passed in those reports," Dayton said in a conference call with reporters. "I will be opening the office effective next Monday."

Republicans had ridiculed Dayton, arguing his decision to close the office sent a dangerous signal that Americans would give in to terrorist threats. Dayton said Wednesday he would work to declassify the report so people could make their own decisions on whether he acted correctly.

"I'd like to have people read it for themselves, and have an informed basis for my decision," he said.

"The Senate itself was closed," Dayton added. "Most of us have been out of Washington the last three weeks. It was only responsible on my part to protect my staff from dangers to which I myself was not exposed."