Dayside's '12 Days of Christmas'

We've got several news stories we're watching for Wednesday’s "Dayside."

Our correspondent in Phoenix tells us there may be some sort of decision Tuesday night in the Major League Baseball (search) steroid scandal. The executive board of the players union is meeting there — let's see what they decide in light of the revelations about Barry Bonds and Jason Giambi. We'll cover whatever happens.

We may also have an update for you on the God controversy in the Cupertino (search), California school district. The principal of an elementary school there wants to ban the Declaration of Independence, various state constitutions and the writings of George Washington, Samuel Adams and William Penn because they contain references to God and religion. A teacher at that school is suing because he's been prohibited to distribute excerpts of these historical documents. The principal says she's upholding separation of church and state — what do you think? Send your comments to me at

Also, for fun, we're doing a segment on the worst customer service nightmares and I'd like to hear your horror stories. My own nightmare was a nasty woman in finance at American Express (search) who ripped into my husband over an item on our bill that we were disputing. When I took the phone and asked for her direct phone number at American Express so I could discuss her conduct with her boss, she refused to give it to me saying I could only communicate with her by fax. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!

I no longer give Amex my business. The frustrating thing is, I don't think they care ONE LITTLE BIT. Sure, they have an automated answering message saying, “Your call is very important to us,” but that's baloney. Okay, enough from me. Tell me your story at

Oh, by the way, thanks for all of your terrific suggestions for "The 12 Days of Christmas." I've read through all of them and we'll start profiling these ideas Wednesday. We're starting with several organizations that can help you send care packages (search) to our troops for Christmas. For those of you who'd like to come to the studio and actually donate something for a soldier's care package, that's great! Call our tickets line at 1-877-FOX-TKTS to come to the show and we'll box up whatever you want to donate. If you need ideas, here are some things soldiers say they could use:

candy (no chocolate), gum, Cracker Jack, instant coffee packs, coffee creamer, instant cocoa packets, Gatorade packets, Kool-Aid packets, granola bars, fruit bars, mini boxes of instant oatmeal, cookie, cans of ravioli, cans of tuna, instant soup packets, peanuts, baby wipes, deodorant, lip balm, eye drops, toothpaste, toothbrushes, feminine hygiene products, foot powder, hairbrushes, nail clippers, disposable razors, hand lotion, sunscreen, travel size shampoo, toilet paper, white socks, travel packets of laundry soap, Tylenol, travel size board games/checkers/chess, crossword puzzles, magazines, comic books, paperback books, playing cards, music CDs, toys, footballs, baseball mitts, writing paper, pens, baggies of all sizes and AA batteries.

Anyone in the studio audience Wednesday will get a chance to write a short note to the soldiers which we'll include in the care packages. And if you can't come to the studio, but you'd like to send a message, go ahead and email it to me — I'll print out the messages and send them myself.


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