Our inbox is overflowing with e-mail regarding Cindy Sheehan (search) and her vigil/protest in Crawford, Texas. Most viewer e-mail coming in defends the president, the troops and the war, while a smaller percentage of the e-mail sympathize with Cindy and her cause. This is what a few of you had to say:

If Cindy Sheehan and the 529s that are raising money to get out her message were really concerned about ending the war on terrorism that is waging in Iraq, they should consider using the money to buy more body armor and HumVee armor to help the troops complete their mission. Help them finish their mission so they can come home with honor.
—Colleen, Shreveport, Louisiana

Cindy never agreed with her son's decision to join the army… She's taking advantage of his absence to protest a war that he believed in, and fought to win. How fair is that?
—Jay Croce, Birmingham, Alabama

It seems to me that if the president [would] just meet with Ms. Sheehan again all this firestorm would not be going on... Sure, he met with her once, but what would it hurt for him to let her get it off her chest and be done with it… I think [the president] keeps digging his hole deeper and deeper as each day passes. This has been blown into something that is out of control when it was just as simple as meeting with her for a few minutes… Come on Mr. President, get with the game. This is a grieving mother and if you can meet more than one time with other mothers surely you can meet one more time with Ms. Sheehan…You are on vacation, surely you have a few minutes of free time.
—Lisa Cook

The president knows how Cindy Sheehan feels about the war and the loss of her son. We all feel for her and we all know that she has the right to speak her mind — we hear this everyday. But Cindy Sheehan is not running this country and the disrespect that she has shown for the president is outrageous. She needs to stop all this, go home and honor her son the right way. The president met with her once and that to me is sufficient enough. My son is fighting in Iraq and if G-d-forbid he gets killed, I will not be camped at the President's door and I would not blame him at all. All this protesting will not bring these brave soldiers back.
—B J L, Vermont

We’ll be following the Cindy Sheehan story for further updates. In the meantime, lets not forget about those climbing gas prices! Many of you shared your views and ideas on that. Brian and Michael made good points:

Something that people do not recognize is that although historically gas has been higher the cost of living was not as expensive as today, and the minimum wage rates have not been adjusted to compensate for these expenses. Everything is higher but we are making the same salaries.
—Brian, Decatur, Alabama

Gas prices are out of control. According to inflation they may be lower than 1981, however, I don't know anyone whose income has risen as much as gas prices. Gas prices affect everything from groceries to school taxes…
—Michael Joseph, Kingston, New York

I live in MA, and insurance premiums are regulated here. Gas prices should be regulated as well.
—Hugo Guzman, Franklin, Massachusetts

I think a price cap will be beneficial for consumers, but not wholesalers. I think a better idea is to temporarily eliminate the state gas tax like Illinois did a few years back. That helped out a lot.
—Lisa Daly, Orland Park, Illinois

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DaySide Staff

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