Yesterday I had a special guest on the show, David Zucker, the great movie producer responsible for "Airplane," "Naked Gun," and "Scary Movie." He talked about why he stopped being a Democrat over the issue of security.

And I got this note from him today:

"Dear John,

"During my appearance on your show, I'm afraid I may have given the impression that John McCain shared some degree of responsibility for the disastrous 1994 Clinton agreement with North Korea. I meant to say he had knowledge of the ongoing negotiations as a senator at the time. In fact, he spoke out against the Clinton agreement in 1993 and 1994, emphatically stating the agreement 'would fail because it was not enforceable.'

"I also neglected to mention that there seemed to be some kind of thread or something sticking out of the left sleeve of your jacket. This, combined with the relentless grilling I was subjected to on your show, probably led to the incoherent babbling about Senator McCain being in any way responsible for the mess that the Carter/Clinton policies have brought on.

"In fact, I consider the senator to be a close personal friend, and in point of fact, Senator McCain considers me to be quite a bit more than that."

That from David Zucker.

McCain-Zucker? Now that's a ticket!

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