David Mamet's Change of Heart

Last week David Mamet wrote an essay for the Village Voice (a publication for she-male escorts) revealing that he was no longer a "brain dead" liberal. He now sees the value in free markets, while admiring great conservative thinkers like Thomas Sowell and Milton Friedman.

But sure as there are wasps in Rosie's beard, the left has already dismissed Mamet as a talentless hack — this from chuckleheads who used to kiss his ass when he was a smug liberal. But now that he's gone to the dark side, he's worthless to them.

This is nothing new. In the entertainment industry, developing a conservative streak is akin to leprosy of the mind. Just days after Mamet ditches liberalism, one Guardian writer worries that his talent has already gone "off the boil" — it happens that fast people!

The real truth behind these lefties suddenly ridiculing Mamet's talent? They're like jilted lovers. They thought Mamet liked them and now they're alone, dejected and rejected in their footsie pajamas, cradling a pint of Ben and Jerry's, talking to their cat while Nick Drake moans in the background.

And so, they lash out. But not simply out of loss — but from the profound bitterness caused by knowing that Mamet is right, in more ways than one.

And if you disagree with me, then you sir are worse than Hitler.

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