David Hasselhoff's ex-wife returned to court with a new lawyer to represent her in a divorce battle with the actor.

Pamela Bach replaced attorney Debra A. Opri with Mark Vincent Kaplan several days after losing custody of the couple's two teenage daughters.

Superior Court Judge Mark A. Juhas approved the substitution of attorneys Tuesday and set an Aug. 16 hearing to decide how much temporary spousal and child support Bach should get.

Hasselhoff, 54, the former star of TV's "Baywatch" and "Knight Rider,' and Bach, 43, had been splitting custody of their daughters, Hayley, 14, and Taylor, 17.

On May 7, Juhas put a hold on Hasselhoff's visitation privileges for two weeks after the public leak of a videotape showing an apparently drunken Hasselhoff struggling to eat a cheeseburger while on the floor of his Las Vegas home.

One of his daughters is heard chastising him

His visitation rights were later restored.

On Friday, Juhas granted Hasselhoff primary physical custody and full legal custody of the couple's daughters. The teens will mainly live with their father, who will have responsibility for making decisions about their health, education and welfare, Hasselhoff's attorney said.

The actor had been living in Nevada while appearing in the Las Vegas production of "The Producers." He has resumed his judging job on NBC's "America's Got Talent."

Hasselhoff and Bach were married in December 1989. He filed for divorce in January 2006 and their divorce was final last August.