Dana Carvey, Madonna and Bruce Willis in The Foxlight.

His Master of Disguise may not have mastered the weekend box office, but Dana Carvey can still ad-lib with the best of them.

CARVEY: A lovely glass of Chardonnay never hurt anyone.

MCCUDDY: What are you saying Dana?

CARVEY: I have a drinking problem. I fell asleep last night face down in a pile of my own goo and you don't care.

MCCUDDY: A pile of your own goo? I've never heard it called that.

CARVEY: There are some things that are just funny no matter how serious and goo is one of them.

MCCUDDY: Hey that guy is laying face down -- wait, is that his own goo? Then it's hysterical.

CARVEY: Hahaha.

Next, some lucky winner is going to drive Madonna wild. The wild part is this BMW M5, which, starred a with Madonna in a short film last year. The one that tossed her on the red carpet. Apparently there are no hard feelings. She autographed the dashboard and now someone is going to win it. It all benefits breast cancer research. Drop your local BMW dealer and tell them you want to win the material car.

Finally, yes I was stuck in an elevator over the weekend at Fox News Headquarters in New York. Unfortunately Bruce Willis didn't blow the door open, shimmy down the shaft on the cable and lead me to freedom.