'Daddy Day Care,' 'A Mighty Wind,' 'The Dancer Upstairs'

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Silly stuff from Eddie Murphy (search), a mighty funny wind and the beautiful "Dancer Upstairs" in today's Foxlight.

Eddie Murphy needs a job -- both in this movie and because his last few have been real stinkers. He and HBO funnyman Jeff Garlin (search) open a day care center in Murphy's "way too posh for drooling preschoolers" home called "Daddy Day Care." Expect more potty jokes than you can stuff into a pair of Sponge Bob's square pants. That kid burping bubbles is kinda funny. And new on DVD this week, the whole thing should play funnier on a small screen. It feels like a sitcom and will probably inspire one.

For comedy served more on wry, try "A Mighty Wind." Christopher Guest (search) has reassembled his brilliant improv ensemble gang from "Spinal Tap" and "Best In Show." This time they're skewering folk musicians reuniting for a big concert. It's not "Best In Show," according to most critics, but still funnier than 99 percent of what most studios try to call funny.

Finally, a very serious first effort from director John Malkovich. He's telling the fascinating story of a South American revolution from its very beginning through the modern day in "The Dancer Upstairs." It's a woozy, almost dream-like tale starring the wonderful Javier Bardem. The Foxlight had trouble buying what passes for a love story, but the rest is genuinely riveting and looks beautiful. Give "Dance" a whirl.