A British man was slashed in the face 11 times by robbers as he was feeding his baby son at home.

Car dealer Ricki Hall, 39, was stabbed so violently that his blood spattered over 10-week-old Milan.

The robbers knocked on the door of his home in Thorpe Astley, Leicester, over the weekend, shouting, "Pizza delivery."

Hall opened the door to tell them they had the wrong address but they barged past him into his home, demanding cash and jewelry.

When he tried to resist, the burglars pulled a knife and threatened to kill him.

"If you have any final words, say them now," he was told.

Two of the men held Hall down during the 15-minute attack while the third repeatedly knifed him.

The businessman lost two pints of blood and needed 40 stitches to his face.

Hall's wife, Zoya, was upstairs when she heard the attack and hid in a bedroom closet.

She eventually managed to dial 911 and an ambulance was called to rush her barely-conscious husband to the hospital where he underwent a three-hour operation.

The gang made off with a Rolexwatch.

"I'm hoping the watch is the key to catching them," he said. "If anyone is offered this watch, I want them to tell the police straight away."

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