Cut to the Chase!

I'll never forget when I was a kid, and my very New York father had just been transferred down south... to Atlanta, Georgia.

The adjustment was painful to watch — and not just because he had a tough time finding any good Italian food.

It was a different time, I suspect, maybe even different people. They were incredibly polite — beyond nice — but to my notoriously blunt Dad, too much so.

I can remember one guy finishing a conversation with him, saying, "Y'all come back!" To which my exasperated Dad responded, "When?"

In other words, what are they saying specifically?

He's long gone now, but can you imagine what he'd think of all these politicians railing against the war? I don't think he'd mind their anti-war position. I do think he'd mind others' lack of any position.

Senator Kerry comes to mind. We should be there. We shouldn't be there. Get the troops out, but not all the troops out. Talk to our allies, but don't rely on our allies.

Or John Edwards: His vote was a mistake, but we're there now, so stick it out now, but not forever now.

Or Hillary Clinton: She's still with the war, but angry about how we got into the war, but it is a war.

I think my Dad would go nuts. Better someone who says cut and run than someone who simply can't cut to the chase.

It's a good thing my Dad, I pray, is in a better place. The guy up there, I'm told, has a lot more clarity.

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