Still more Cruise and Cruz, Bruce Willis and Mariah Carey in the tarnished glow of The Foxlight.

Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz are spinning through Europe promoting Vanilla Sky. In Paris they were asked what they like about each other. Tom says it's "Penelope's kindness, her beauty, her intelligence." Penelope says "it is his generosity." She says she "was amazed by the way he cares about everyone around him. He values everything he has." If their acting had been this good in the movie it might have been a hit.

Bruce Willis is set to star in Me Again, a thriller about a man who lost his memory and spends the film trying to figure out whether he's a hit-man or the hit-man's target. Doesn't this sound an awful lot like another recent indie hit? Maybe the title of Willis' new film should really be called Memento Again.

Finally, you know you're not wanted when your record company pays you $28 million not to record another album. Mariah turned to pariah for EMI. Her parachute was the only thing that glittered.