The coalition of the willing-to-rock is growing. Sheryl Crow (search), Jack Johnson and Crosby, Stills & Nash have joined the nearly 20 other musicians trying to unseat President Bush in November.

Crow and company were added to the Vote for Change tour, which boasts a lineup of artists including Bruce Springsteen (search) and the E Street Band, Pearl Jam (search) and Dave Matthews Band. The musicians will perform in an array of combinations at some 38 shows in 32 cities over the course of 12 days in October, concert promoters announced Thursday.

Money generated from the concerts will go to America Coming Together (search) (ACT), which promises on its Web site to "derail the right-wing Republican agenda by defeating George W. Bush." The shows will play in election swing states. They'll be presented by MoveOn PAC, the electoral arm of the liberal interest group MoveOn.org.

While some of the performing musicians are accustomed to expressing political views, many are new to the arena. Dave Matthews earlier told The Associated Press: "It's the first time Bruce and the E Street Band ever stood up and made a clear political statement. This is the first time we've ever stood as a band, unified, and said we want a change."

The Vote for Change (search) tour makes it clear that by purchasing tickets, concertgoers are making a federal political contribution to ACT.

"The excitement about this tour is fantastic," says Ellen Malcolm, president of ACT. "This is really going to help give us the resources to talk to millions of voters. The artists have an ability to talk about the issues with groups of voters who don't often listen to politicians."