Crime Wave

Hosted by Jon Scott
Saturday at 11 p.m. ET

It is one of the most heartbreaking of crimes, when kids kill. It always leaves you asking the question, why? Join Crime Wave for a look back at some of the most shocking crimes committed by children.

Marty Tankleff was unhappy when his mother forced him to drive an old car but he did far more than throw a tantrum, he did the unthinkable. The details on that case and when Sean Sellers killed his mother and step-father find out what he claimed the devil made him do it.

Plus, Florida has seen more than its share of high profile criminals. People like Andrew Cuanan and Ted Bundy, the crimes are different but there are more names to add to the crime list—Nathaniel Brazill and Lionel Tate. Both were charged as adults for murders they committed when they were just boys. Crime Wave will lay out the whole story.

And the details of another crime scene on the opposite coast—Beverley Hills, California... A place famous for movie stars, money and the bloody case of the Menedez brothers.

Go in-depth on these shocking crimes and more on Crime Wave.