Covering the Story, Not Ourselves

I recently received the following e-mail from a viewer in California:

"I appreciate your original fashion statements as well as your dry humor. However, after the pink tie incident, you brought Tyra Bank on your show to make up for it. So, after today's purple shirt and purple tie episode, I am wondering when Britney Spears will appear on Your World."

Many people write me after seeing e-mails like that and wonder why on earth I would show it.

"You're so good," writes Sarah in Brooklyn, New York, "Why subject yourself to it?"

I'll tell you why, Sarah. Because I don't take myself that seriously. The problem with a lot of journalists today is that they do.

They somehow confuse themselves for the story they're covering. Suddenly it's not about Nightline, but how we're treating Ted Koppel. Don't get me wrong. There are a lot of great journalists out there. And don't some of them know it.

My father used to say, "as soon as you start acting as big as you think you are, trust me you are not." It took a long time for me to understand what he was talking about. But now I know.

We in the news biz often are so busy writing and broadcasting for each other, that we forget about you.

Business news is no different. We're so rushed to sound like the smartest kid in the class, that we forget to listen to the rest of the class.

I can't and won't take that risk. Not because I have to. But because I want to.

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