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By the time you receive this blog in your e-mail inbox or log on to www.gretawire.com to read it, we are "on the road" to a non-planned daytrip. Of course I am not sure how much is ever "planned" in this business. We got word late Monday afternoon that we could have an interview that we have been pursuing, so we are going now. (No, it isn't Paris Hilton ... although, I confess, I would like to interview her.) If all goes as well, we board our flight soon (early — 7:30 a.m.) and catch a return flight late afternoon (5:45 p.m.) and land about 8 p.m. in D.C. Then, it is the rush to get to the bureau for the live show at 10 p.m. Where are we going? You will have to wait to learn this!

I am stunned by how many people say they have no interest in Paris Hilton, yet continue to talk about her. I get asked all the time about her as I walk through airports, etc. People tell me they have no interest in Paris yet ask questions that show a more sophisticated knowledge of the facts than someone who truly has not followed Paris' problems. In case you need to be reminded, you won't be arrested for having a passing interest in a story that floods the media for a few days or weeks and then evaporates. The story will end and we will all move on — maybe not as soon as you think, but we will move on.

Nearly every news show has done something (or a lot) about Paris and some television shows do the Paris Hilton story the sneaky way by talking about how bad it is that the Paris Hilton story is covered so much by news organizations. If you do it this way, you get to talk about the story and not get your hands "dirty."

The extensive Paris Hilton coverage is not limited to television — newspapers write about her over and over again. Almost every (if not every) newspaper has written a story about her, including the front page of The New York Times and The Washington Post and, like with television, the sneaky reporters write stories about how bad it is that Paris Hilton gets coverage. Again, you get to write about it, but not get your hands dirty.

Bottom line is this: If people don't want to read about Paris or watch stories about her, they will and can stop doing it and they have options — including going to the Internet and navigating to stories that do interest them.

I confess: I had little or no interest in Paris Hilton before she was sentenced to jail. But after? I got very interested.

I have posted a new video blog today. One of my producers — Cory Howard — and I grabbed a few e-mails from our show e-mail account and we answer them on the video blog. The choice of the e-mails is random as you can tell by the selection (the first one is a bit raw). Cory was on our trip to Ohio to cover the Jessie Davis murder, so she seemed like the perfect one to answer the e-mails on the video blog with me since I did know going into making the video blog that most of the e-mails were about Jesse Davis. I read the e-mails all the time and so I know when I grab a bunch what the topics are likely to be.

What do you think of the administrative law judge who sued the dry cleaners in excess of $50 million? Send your thoughts to: ontherecord@foxnews.com

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

Hello Greta,
I am a straight woman, but agree with Elizabeth Edwards. Gays should be able to have a legalized marriage. They should be awarded all rights as straights. I believe a child is born straight, or gay. It's not an environmental thing, as some right wing Christian groups like to think. IMO.
On the Cutts case. I heard she was set afire in the field. The ground where she was found looks black. Please inquire about this. Five million is not a high enough bond for this demon. Five hundred thousand is disgracefully low for his accomplice.
Enjoy your show!

E-mail No. 2 [I think this refers to 14-year-old girls on a bus… not sure since e-mailer did not supply more info in the e-mail]

You aren't allowed to throw people off the bus for fighting. Why should somebody be allowed to kick people off the bus for kissing?
J. D. Wright
Tampa, FL

E-mail No. 3

My instinct is that she knows more. I saw your segment when you and she were in the home and I couldn't understand why there wasn't more emotion displayed by her. Tonight she had the same demeanor. I'm not saying she was at all involved — but just that she has her own ideas.
Aurelia Sleadd
Pewee Valley, KY

ANSWER: I think Whitney is terribly distressed… distressed to the point of almost being frozen still. She is a very nice young woman whose heart is broken.

E-mail No. 4

I read with curiosity all of the e-mails you post. Susan in Cincy isn't very smart at all... Jessie was 26 years old, and by all accounts, a good mother. She lived on her own, and I assume, made her own decisions. Her family neither allowed nor prohibited her becoming pregnant with any apples — good or bad. From what I heard in the media, Bobby Cutts was a player and a real smooth talker. I can see where Jessie would have gotten snared twice by this man and ended up with not one, but two of his children. Be that as it may, I don't condone either of their activities as far as being married and having an affair, having children out of wedlock or whatever. But it isn't my place to judge either one of them. And it shouldn't be Susan's in Cincy. Whatever Jessie did or didn't do, she didn't deserve to be murdered, leaving her child, for all intents and purposes, an orphan.

E-mail No. 5

As a Police Officer, I feel that Mr. Cutts should no longer be referred to as "Officer." He has disgraced the badge and the job.
Paul Britt

ANSWER: I debated whether to use "officer" or not… at first I thought not to use it, then I reminded myself that, despite what I think about the evidence, and despite the cruelty of this crime, he is presumed innocent under our Constitution. So I decided to play it real straight and say "officer," but I sure get your point and I am not convinced I am right on this. This is one of those issues that raises an important debate and you could certainly change my decision.

E-mail No. 6

Are you kidding me? FOX News actually thinks people care about Paris Tilton? (sic) WE DON'T CARE! Only FOX News cares. You have truly Disappointed me. Just keep covering the rich and famous… she is a whore and a bitch thanks for promoting bad behavior… young people love it and you and FOX News are accountable.
Rick Hewitt
Forest Products Group/Ohio Division

ANSWER: "Hilton"

E-mail No. 7

Paris Hilton did not get special treatment by serving 4 times more time than other people. Your guest brought up overcrowding. What part of "there is no overcrowding in a solitary confinement cell" does he not understand? There is only one person in it. You cannot have overcrowding with one person in a cell.
The DA and his wife are the ones getting special treatment. Being infamous for my stupid questions, my stupid question here is why couldn't ANYONE in law enforcement in the city of LA and the county of LA (this is where it went down right?) find the DA's wife to arrest her for her 9 year old outstanding warrant? Is law enforcement really that incompetent in LA? If yes, then no wonder OJ walked.
Joe Viera
Glendale, AZ

E-mail No. 8

Having retired from Law Enforcement after 32 years, I have one question. Who in the world did Cutts background investigation when he applied for the Canton PD? Somebody dropped the ball and they gave him a gun? He would not have been hired by the Police Departments I know. You should be asking the Chief if the Background Investigator is under investigation for dereliction of duty.
Steve Bernard
Bullhead City, AZ

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