Well, guess what? I finally got some answers about that lawyer from the National Lawyers Guild (search) who the cops wanted to help identify the guy who stomped a cop during one of these convention protests. It turns out... she's not a lawyer.

She's a computer worker who was given a green hat, signifying a lawyer from the National Lawyers Guild and told to go out in the protests and watch for cops mistreating protestors.

As it turned out, it was protesters mistreating cops and “Ms. Lawyer Wannabe” made herself scarce rather than help the cops identify the cop stomper.

Now, the National Lawyers Guild says it is representing her and guild lawyers are charging that the cop who got stomped deserved it: That he was recklessly and dangerously charging the crowd on his motorcycle.

Look, the National Lawyers Guild formed in the 1950s to defend Communists. As you can see, its great traditions have been carried forward to this very day.

And it turns out the so-called protester wasn't a protester at all, but a cheap street thug who lived in a halfway house and was out looking to put his foot in a cop's face. He was arrested at another protest when he no doubt planned to do the same cop stomping act as the first protest.

So the computer-geek-turned-lawyer-wannabe for the National Lawyers Guild was not protecting a protester who was standing up to The Machine, or The Man, or whatever. It was just another chump street criminal. And the National Lawyers Guild doesn't want to help the cops take a street criminal off the streets?

This whole thing is worse than I thought. If it had just been politics — the lefties trying to cover for the lefties – OK, that's the way the world is. But it's the lefties trying to avoid helping put an honest-to-god criminal in jail?

How did this half-century-old group of lawyers go from just plain wrong to just plain stupid?

That's My Word.

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