Court Proceedings Delayed for Suspects in Robbery, Murders of Florida Couple

A judge delayed court proceedings Thursday for three men and a woman charged in the July robbery and killings of a wealthy Florida couple who adopted more than a dozen special-needs children.

Leonard Gonzalez, Sr., Leonard Gonzlaez, Jr., Wayne Coldiron and Pamela Long-Wiggins were scheduled for arraignments Thursday in the home-invasion deaths of Byrd and Melanie Billings.

There was no immediate word on the new court date.

A state attorney told Judge Linda Nobles he'll ask a grand jury to indict the three men and the four other male suspects for first-degree murder. Long-Wiggins is charged as an accessory.

Two other suspects, Frederick Thornton and Gary Sumner, are scheduled to be arraigned in the case Friday, FOX 10 reported. A minor charged in the case, 16-year-old Rakeem Florence, was in court earlier this week and transferred to a juvenile facility.

The couple were shot and killed in their bedroom while nine of their children were in other parts of the sprawling home. They had 17 children including 13 with autism, Down Syndrome and other disabilities. The 13 were adopted.

Last week, Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan acknowledged that it is a "possibility" that the killings were part of a murder-for-hire plot. Previously, police had been saying the main motive was robbery.

Investigators have said they're seeking at least one more suspect believed to have been tasked with disengaging the security camera system on the property while the crime was being committed.

Police believe the person failed to show up or disable the device remotely on the night the robbery and killings were carried out. The camera captured some of the suspects on tape while they were on the grounds.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.