Court Nixes Challenge to Britney Spears' Conservatorship

A state appeals court has dismissed a lawyer's challenge to the order that gives Britney Spears' father control over much of her life.

Attorney Jon Eardley, who claimed to represent the 26-year-old pop star, filed an appeal March 11 challenging a court decision that made James Spears a co-conservator of his daughter's estate.

Justice Roger Boren of the California Court of Appeal wrote in a ruling Monday that the court has no jurisdiction to grant an appeal.

An after-hours call seeking comment from Eardley wasn't immediately returned.

Last month, Eardley tried but failed to move the probate case to federal court, claiming the conservatorship was a violation of Spears' civil rights. A federal judge ruled that Eardley is not Spears' attorney and has no authority to act for her.

James Spears was named co-conservator of his daughter's estate Feb. 1 after she was twice hospitalized in a psychiatric facility. Conservatorships are granted for people deemed unable to take care of themselves or their affairs.

It lets the father restrict and limit visitors, retain caretakers and security guards, and gives him access to all medical records.