Coulter vs. Couric

Political commentator and author Ann Coulter and Today show host Katie Couric spiced up morning television Wednesday with a verbal spat.

Couric took issue with the characterization of her as the liberal media's version of Hitler mistress Eva Braun and a Ronald Reagan basher in Coulter's new book, Slander: Liberal Lies About the American Right.

"You used me as an example of liberal bias against Reagan," Couric said. "I'm just curious why you took it so out of context."

Coulter countered, "I don't think I did — you're taking it out of context."

To clarify, Coulter said that while discussing Edmund Morris' Dutch: A Memoir of Ronald Reagan, Today show anchors misrepresented the book's message, saying the author called the former president "an airhead" instead of "an apparent airhead," which was Morris' actual phrase.

"You make it sound as if I was saying that rather than Edmund Morris," Couric said. "I really conducted an extremely challenging interview with him because he did eviscerate Ronald Reagan in his book."

She said after the interview was over, Morris was unhappy but former first lady Nancy Reagan called to thank her for her line of questioning.

"I'm just wondering how that jibes with your contention that somehow I'm a Ronald Reagan basher," Couric said. Coulter denied having characterized her that way.

After sparring with the face of Today, Coulter appeared on Fox News Live with Bridget Quinn to further defend her position and promote Slander.

In the book, Coulter accuses liberals of being "cult-like" and spewing propaganda through the mainstream media.

"One of their little tricks is massive control of the media," she said. "Throughout all mainstream media, it's always the same agenda. When you hear it morning, noon and night, propaganda works."

She reams journalists like Couric and Dan Rather, saying they aren't actually objective even though they claim to be.

"She uses her beauty and charm to systematically promote a left-wing agenda," Coulter said of Couric. "She denied it, but it's quoted in my book."

When asked whether she thought the left-leaning agenda is pushed on purpose, she said, "I don't think it makes a difference if it's intentional or accidental … It just always happens to be the same bias."

Slander: Liberal Lies About the American Right is currently the No. 1 best seller on