Costly Clinton Staffer Goodbye

And now the most interesting two minutes in television, the latest from the wartime grapevine:

Palestinians Don't Want Own State?
While the Bush administration continues to believe it can make peace in the Mideast by giving the Palestinians their own state, a new poll indicates that's not what Palestinians now want. The survey by the Jerusalem Media and Communications Center, a Palestinian organization, found that 79 percent support the current uprising against Israel and 51 percent think its goal should be the elimination of Israel, referred to in the poll as "liberating all of historic Palestine." Forty-three percent disagreed, saying the goal of the uprising should be the end of the Israeli occupation and creation of a Palestinian state.

Clinton Staffer Vandalism?
Remember that controversy over alleged vandalism by outgoing Clinton staffers at the time of the Bush inauguration? The General Accounting Office has at last completed its investigation and found there was approximately $20,000 worth of damage or loss. Missing or broken were 62 keyboards, 26 cell phones, 2 cameras, 10 antique doorknobs, between 5 and 11 medallions, and a number of office signs. Some Clinton partisans insisted at the time that the news stories reporting damage were a fabrication.

Bigot Dog Bites Blacks
The latest from the world of American law and justice is that a police dog in McKees Rocks, Penn., has been accused of racism. Dolpho, a five-year-old German shepherd, trained in drug detection, was inadvertently released from a police vehicle while an officer was struggling with a suspect. The dog, apparently confused, bit a nine-year-old boy on the leg. The boy was black and a city councilwoman is now saying that other African-Americans have claimed the dog only attacks blacks and should be killed. The dog's master says Dolpho has never gone after the wrong person before. So far, Dolpho has only been taken off active duty.

Registered Dog to Vote
And a 75-year-old Lafayette, Calif., man who succeeded in registering his pet poodle, Barnabas, to vote has been fined $250 for registration fraud. The man, Donald Miller, says he only did it "to show that something is broken and needs to be fixed." He could have been fined up to $1000 and given six months in jail, but prosecutors decided to go easy since Barnabas never actually tried to vote.