Hey, hey, hey: Bill Cosby has decided it's time to return to Cincinnati.

The 68-year-old comedian, who canceled two shows here in 2002 following the city's race riots, will moderate discussions on parenting, education and social responsibility April 13 at Xavier University.

Cincinnati will be the 19th stop on a nationwide tour, "A Call Out With Cosby."

Former Mayor Dwight Tillery, president of the Center for Closing the Health Gap in Greater Cincinnati, one of the program's sponsors, said Cosby is eager to appear.

"He seemed to have quite an insight on the challenges that we face in Cincinnati," Tillery said.

Rioting broke out in the city in 2001 after an unarmed black man was shot and killed by a white police officer trying to make an arrest.

Activists then called for a boycott of the city and sent letters to entertainers, asking them to stay away until leaders agreed to pay more attention to police, racial and economic issues.

Cosby's publicist, Joel Brokaw, said Cosby wasn't supporting the boycott, but "felt it was both inappropriate and insensitive to come into Cincinnati and do comedy when there were so many serious issues."