A battle is brewing in Texas over plans to turn a vast swath of farmland into the biggest and most expensive superhighway ever built in the United States.

The proposed Trans-Texas corridor (search) would cost more than $180 billion and consist of six car lanes, four truck lanes, up to six rail lines and a utility zone for electricity, gas and data-network connections. The potential 800-mile mega-highway would run from Mexico to Oklahoma.

"That is truly a new concept for Texas and the United States, and one that I think is going to change transportation infrastructure forever, not just for the United States but worldwide," said Texas Gov. Rick Perry (search).

Opponents call it a Texas-sized boondoggle.

"The Trans-Texas corridor is bad for Texas because it will create obligations that will live generations into the future and it has the potential for tremendous negative impact, socially, economically and environmentally," said David Stall of Corridor Watch.

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