Miami police have turned up empty after responding to an alleged sighting of the man suspected of fatally shooting four relatives on Thanksgiving.

A Florida resident told police he thought he walked by Paul Michael Merhige, the 35-year-old suspected shooter, on the street, WSVN reported.

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"I recognized him from the papers or TV, it looked like him," said Justin Pellegrino, according to WSVN Miami.

Pellegrino said he tried to talk to Merhige.

"He just mumbled a couple of words, didn't really understand what he said. I asked him, 'Are you all right,' he's like yeah," WSVN reported.

Police searched the Miami Double Tree Grand Hotel and Condos Wednesday night after they received Pellegrino’s call. The search did not turn up any information.

Police also received a 911 call about a possible Merhige sighting at a condominium complex in Miami.

Miami Police spokesman Kenia Reyes says an aunt and uncle of Merhige live in the building.

Police didn't find Merhige at that location.

"We're confident in what our agency is doing in conjunction with the resources what that the US Marshals have extended to us, that he will be apprehended," said Jupiter Police Sgt. Scott Pascarella, according to WSVN.

Police have been searching for Merhige for a week. They had previously searched some bodies of water near the Jupiter home where the shootings took place.

Police say Merhige killed his 79-year-old aunt, his twin sisters, one of whom was pregnant, and a 6-year-old girl at a home where 16 relatives had gathered for the holiday.

On Wednesday police released three new photographs of Merhige at an ATM machine on Nov.22, which shows his receding hairline and heavy build, WSVN reported.

Merhige was last seen driving a royal blue 2007 Toyota Camry with a rear spoiler and Florida license plate W42 7JT, WSVN reported.

Police have offered a $25,000 reward for any information leading to his arrest. They have also asked anyone with information about Merhige’s whereabouts to call Palm Beach Police Crime Stoppers at 1-800-458-TIPS.

Prosecutors issued an arrest warrant Saturday for four counts of first-degree murder and two counts of attempted first-degree murder.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.