The search for 2-year-old Liberty County girl who went missing from her grandparents' home turned up no traces of the child over the weekend, as police dogs sniffed through the area and divers covered two nearby lakes.

Taylor Berry (search) was last seen by her grandmother, Anna Carter, watching television in the living room around 12:45 p.m. Saturday. Carter told authorities she left the room for several minutes to change the sheets in a bedroom and when she returned, the toddler was gone.

"Wherever she is, I pray she's warm and being taken care of," Carter said. "We really want her to come home. I just don't know how we'll make it without her."

Authorities were unable to issue a Levi's Call (search) for Taylor because she wasn't taken by a known abductor, said Liberty County Sheriff's detective Elpidio Fratichelli, who is heading the investigation.

On Sunday, search teams focused on one lake where dogs appeared to have picked up a scent. "The dogs kept giving us a hit as if they may have discovered something in the lake," Fratichelli said.

Divers combed the bottom of the lake but found nothing.

Fratichelli said authorities also would interview family members who had contact with Taylor. Carter and her husband had been in the process of seeking custody of the toddler from other family members who were raising her.

Taylor was last seen wearing a fluorescent green shirt, with a snowman and little girl on it, with matching pants and pink tennis shoes. She has brown hair and brown eyes.