The candy-apple red Mustang GT is just a toy, but that didn't stop 3-year-old Jordan Will from taking his battery-operated wheels for a brief ride along a busy stretch of highway.

Drivers stopped and neighbors chased down the car until an officer could pull over Jordan and his 2-year-old passenger on Sunday.

"Nothing bad happened, so it's kind of cute now when you look at it," said his father, Doug Will. "But at the time, it wasn't cute at all. It was scary. I was really upset."

The Mustang is decked out with all the extras: a rear spoiler, a premium sound system and chrome wheels.

The boys drove the tricked-out ride through their Omro neighborhood and pulled up to a busy intersection.

"He even obeyed the signs, so that was good. He stopped at the red light and got on the cross walk," said neighbor Jaci Bauer.

Another neighbor, Jason Bauer, panicked when he saw the boys cross over a highway, onto a sidewalk and over a bridge. He gave chase for a few blocks until an officer pulled the boys over.

"By the time we stopped them, they probably made it five or six blocks from home before anyone even noticed they had been wandering around town," Jason Bauer said.

Doug Will had been searching for the boys when he got the call to come get the car.

"He just said, 'We went for a ride, daddy,"' Will said.

All Jordan can do now is sit in the little car. His father has taken away the keys and removed the battery.

Officers said Jordan's dad won't be cited.

Omro is in east-central Wisconsin, about 10 miles west of Oshkosh.