Cops Bust 'Erotic Live Show' in Chicago Basement After Seeing Craigslist Ad

Police last week arrested five people after a Craigslist ad promised live sex and sex acts in a Chicago apartment building near a school and a church, MyFoxChicago reports.

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"Being that we have a lot of children around here, it brings the wrong message to the neighborhood," one Humboldt Park resident said.

Police said the ad promised an "erotic live show" where couples would have sex. In addition, refreshments would be served and cameras allowed for $240. For $200 more, attendees could receive sex acts, the report said.

The five arrested include Denis Kelly, 60, the building's owner; Praveena Omakupe, 22; Lauren Dunne, 22; Augustus Lewellen, 22; and Quncy Gilbert, 30, who face multiple charges including prostitution.