A police officer who claims his chicken sandwich was slimed by two teenage employees at a McDonald's restaurant is suing the fast food company.

Officer Josh Douglas said he was working nights two years ago and went through the McDonald's drive-thru in Charles City. He ordered a chicken sandwich, which came with lettuce and tomato.

Not liking vegetables, Douglas said he went to remove the toppings and discovered what he described as a mucousy substance holding them together.

"Fortunately, I don't like lettuce. Because if I did I would have at least taken one bite before I realized what was the matter," he said.

Douglas and another officer went inside the restaurant, where they found two teenagers working. The employees said they were imitating a prank in a movie in which a state trooper orders a burger and the cook spits phlegm on it.

Both boys were fired and one of them later apologized to Douglas, records show.

Douglas and his attorney, Joel Yunek, say they have negotiated with McDonald's for more than a year but have been unable to reach a settlement. They filed a lawsuit on May 8 in Floyd County District Court.

Yunek said they aren't looking "for the world."

"But certainly ... he is deserving of an apology. Certainly, he is deserving of some kind of compensation," Yunek said.

Douglas said it's not about money but about accountability and to ensure the restaurant takes measures to ensure their employees are handling food properly.

Sam Soifer, the owner of the Charles City franchise, said in a written statement to KIMT-TV in Mason City that the restaurant took immediate action to fire the employees and that McDonald's takes food safety seriously.