On a night of nostalgia, Democrats wistful for the White House joyously relived the glory days of Bill Clinton (search) and his mastery of American politics. John Kerry (search) should hope to do so well Thursday night.

The opening night of the Democratic convention brought a one-two punch of political stars, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (search) and her husband. She introduced him as "the last great Democratic president," and by every measure, the adoring audience thunderously agreed.

Delegates jumped up, screamed, applauded and waved banners. "Calm down," Clinton said halfheartedly. Four years ago, Clinton left office with an approval rating in the mid-60s and it remains above the 60 mark today — much higher than President Bush or Kerry, for that matter.

Convention's opening night: splendid speakers or tired talkers?

You know a convention didn't go well when the most encouraging phrase uttered is "I'm Jimmy Carter and I'm not running for president." Also, if military service is so important to Bill Clinton then why didn't he run on his military record when he went against Bush Sr. or Bob Dole?
Christine S.
Philadelphia, PA

I felt all the speakers did very well and was impressed with the fact that there was very little Bush-bashing.
Kori K.
Plymouth, MI

They were all tired talkers until Bill Clinton. His charisma and appeal to the masses hasn't waned. I'll be curious to see whom the RNC counters with.
John P.
Huntsville, AL

I am a bouncer and bartender at a small-town strip club and in my 8 years of doing this job I have found that everyone involved in this kind of business are just psychotically Liberal.  The joy I had watching the convention with them tonight though made all the past losses downright bearable -- even joyous.  I was met with A LOT of resistance when I turned the channel to the convention but eventually quite a little crowd o' liberal dancers watched with me and they were stunned.  They couldn't believe the BS that was being thrown and how disingenuous everyone was.  The actually were booing speakers on the TV as the club's activities ground to a halt.  Due to this, it appears I got a few strippers leaving the dark side and coming to join our happy little Republican voting family
Brett A.
Dubuque, Iowa

Jimmy Carter is the Democrat's chosen man to lecture Pres Bush on how to handle a Middle East crisis? The democrats must be wearing the same blindfolds as the U.S. embassy workers wore when the Iranians took over during his presidency.
Keith L.
Richmond, VA

The democrats had some great speakers but a tired message. Jimmy Carter talked about squandered respect and good will from around the world. I cannot believe the irony. The only goodwill America ever had in Europe and abroad is as long as we lay in a fetal position and let terrorists pick us off and let folks kick us when we are down we have goodwill.
Kevin M.
Waltham, MA

Clinton's still got it -- like or hate him. The man can rally a crowd a make you feel good about yourselves. I haven't felt that in a long time under the current administration. I happened to like the opening of the DNC for the first time in a while.
Sherry S.

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