A Scottish psychologist has caused quite a stir with his most recent study, which says having sex without a condom is actually good for your mental health, The Scotsman reported.

Although Professor Stuart Brody of the West Scotland University in Paisley does admit that having unprotected sex can lead to stressful situations, since it can lead to pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, he said straight men and women who have sex without a condom can “boost their mental well-being.”

Brody’s findings will be published in an upcoming issue of the Archives of Sexual Behavior. The professor has since been criticized by his peers because of the potential ramifications unsafe sex has.

"Evolution is not politically correct, so of the very broad range of potential sexual behavior, there is actually only one that is consistently associated with better physical and mental health and that is the one sexual behavior that would be favored by evolution,” Brody said. “That is not accidental."

Brody’s study was based on the sexual behavior of 99 women and 111 men in Portugal, who filled out questionnaires about the use of contraceptives. He found that those who had unprotected sex were able to deal with stress in a more mature way and took more effective actions.

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