Control Your Future. Control Your Money

He was a friend from years back and he was calling for some help. More to the point, he was calling me for a job. Unfortunately I had none to offer. But I did give him ideas and I did ask him questions.

I wondered how secure he was financially.

"I can get by for a few weeks," he said. "After that, I'm in trouble."

I was taken aback, especially since I knew for years, he had earned a lot of money. But he explained, sadly, he had spent a lot of money too. There was little to show for all that dough but a pricey boat and a couple of fancy cars.

"What about investments?" I asked.

"What about 'em?" he cynically responded.

And it got me thinking: How many of us live in the moment with the paycheck of the moment, forgetting about future moments?

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Control your future. Control your money.

Live the good life. Just don't spend every last penny you have on the good life.

I guess I've always been a nut about saving and investing because I've seen what happens to people who aren't nuts about saving and investing.

Assume no one will be there to help. Assume no Social Security or pension.

It's gravy if it comes. Cold, cruel reality if it does not.

The world today demands we take action today — ourselves, for ourselves.

Not saving every last dime. But enough dimes that we don't have to beg and we don't have to coddle. Enough money not to curse at your boss, but to recognize in the end, you are the boss.

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