Containing Radical Islam

Americans are basically divided over how to deal with Muslim-generated terror. The left sees it as a police-type deal. The right as out-and-out war. "Talking Points" believes the threat from fanatical Muslims is now at an all-time high and the world is a great risk. It is far beyond police action.

In the Sudan, a British teacher Jillian Gibbons has been sentenced to 15 days in jail for allowing her second grade students to name a teddy bear Mohammed. The New York Post headlined the story this way, "Islamo-nuts jail teacher for naming teddy Mohammed."

But now things have gotten even worse. Some Sudanese Muslims want to execute the teacher:


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I would like to tell the whole world that, you know what happened from this English teacher here in Sudan is not acceptable to us here in Sudan.


Now all over the world, extreme Muslims believe they're allowed to kill people with whom they disagree. They even kill each other. Thousands of people are dying and the world's response is largely silence. Remember, the Sudanese government is allowing killers to slaughter hundreds of thousands of civilians in Darfur. As China blocks action in the U.N., the world just stands by and watches.

There is no question that Muslim killers are a threat to the entire world. Iran is funding and arming Hezbollah, which may start a war in Lebanon any time. Pakistan is allowing the Taliban sanctuary so it can kill Afghans and Americans at will. And Al Qaeda is actively seeking ways to kill just about everybody. With Pakistan already having nukes and Iran on the way to getting them, you'd have to be a complete moron not to understand the danger here.

Americans need to wise up, stop the nonsense, and convey a sense of urgency to Washington. We need to once again unite and come up with smart, realistic plans to engage the Muslim killers wherever they may be.

Jillian Gibbons is just one small story, a woman some extreme Muslims would kill over a teddy bear. But her situation highlights the danger all of us face.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads and Patriots

Actress Julia Roberts has had enough, as dopey photographers continue to hound her. So she chased one of them down with her Mercedes, causing the guy to pull over, and here's what happened.


JULIA ROBERTS, ACTRESS: Hey, listen. Hi. You can turn your video camera off...


ROBERTS: ... because I'm going to talk to you about the fact that you're at a school where children go. Turn it off.


All right. Miss Roberts is a patriot for taking a stand against these clowns. They are dangerous.

Speaking of clowns, rapper Akon is under arrest. Apparently, somebody threw something at Akon while he was performing. A bouncer hoisted the individual up, and you can see what happens. Let's see right there.

And Akon, without the shirt, throws him, hits a girl. A girl gets a concussion. Cops arrest Akon. And, of course, the guy is a long-time pinhead, and now the law has acknowledged that.

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