For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. That's Newton's Third Law of Motion, but it also perfectly sums up the stories we've covered today.

For example:

The government needs everyone to keep buying their treasury bonds to cover their spending debt. But, as the economy shows signs of life, people move away from the so-called "safe haven" of government debt and put money into the stock market instead.

That creates a vicious cycle: The government wants you to buy their bonds, but they also want you to think the economy is recovering.

Those two things don't go together; something has to give.

And, when government comes in and bails out companies like Chrysler, pension funds choose not to invest in the unionized companies based on how they were treated in the bailout.

And finally, independents: When Republicans and Democrats prove they're taking us to the same progressive place — just at different speeds — people get disillusioned and leave both parties.

To make another science analogy (ahead of Al Gore's big global warming event over the weekend): All the government's actions don't take place in a vacuum; things have consequences.

So before they make sweeping changes, they should truly consider what happens next.

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