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Al Gore and Google and MoveOn.org come together in one My Word today.

First, Al Gore has cancelled speeches and is sending his tux out to be pressed. Nobody's saying it for the record, but it appears he's about to get on his gas-guzzling private jet and fly to Sweden to be ready to accept his Nobel Peace Prize.

He would be getting the prize for his global warming work, notably his movie "An Inconvenient Truth," which, by the way, a British judge has ruled has at least 11 provable falsities embedded in it. School kiddies in Britain now hear a disclaimer before they see this Nobel Prize-winning movie.

At the same time, Google, the Silicon Valley giant which has made Gore a multi, multi-millionaire, has denied Sen. Susan Collins the chance to run an ad on Google condemning MoveOn.org, which is spending fortunes targeting her by funding ads against her or ads for her opponent. Ms. Collins is a Republican.

Now Gore and MoveOn are, if not joined at the hip, at least extremely simpatico. Gore also sits on the board of Google. Its $600 a share stock has made him so rich he could fund his own presidential campaign with one check.

Why do you think Google has denied Republican Collins ad space to fight back against MoveOn, which is trying to put her out of business?

Google says her ad against MoveOn violates some policy or other and they have to tell her no. Translation: It's Al Gore's Google in this situation and Al Gore is more interested in MoveOn getting its anti-Bush, anti-war message out there than helping a Republican fight the Soros MoveOn machine to hold onto to her Senate seat.

MoveOn has been a very, very Clinton-centric organization, of course. But do you think maybe, just maybe, MoveOn might be interested in the candidacy of the environmental saint Al Gore if she should stumble?

Doesn't seem likely she will stumble, but there's big Al, waiting in the wings for his Nobel, waiting in the wings to see how things shake out with the Democrats and the left.

That's My Word.

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