You know, I am many things. Patient ain't one of them. Which could explain why I’m so lousy at golf.

That requires a lot of patience. Or painting. To do that right, you can't rush it. You have to be patient.

As my wife reminds me, a good paint job is never a rush job, which is why she astutely never gives me that job. Some things you don't rush. You can't rush. And you really regret later if you did rush. I know it. I wonder if Congress does.

Remember the rush for that huge $800 billion stimulus package? Get it done. Get it done fast? Turns out they overlooked a lot of stuff. I'm not talking the obvious stuff, like millions for waterparks and anger management classes. No, I’m talking about dead people. You heard me right.

Apparently up to 10,000 stimulus checks totaling millions of dollars are being sent out to folks who ain't here to spend it. In fact, they're not here at all. They're dead! Fini! Gone! Embarked in that great yonder!

Turns out in the rush to get this money out, the government went off Social Security payrolls, that were themselves dated; apparently very dated. One dude who just got a check died 34 years ago. In Italy. Don't ask. But do tell.

This stuff happens when something absolutely, positively, has to get there overnight. Works for packages, I guess. Assuming there's someone on the other end to pick 'em up.

As if it isn't insulting enough that the wall reports only $10 million has actually been spent of that $800 billion rush stimulus package. Now we find out a lot of the folks getting that money aren't even alive to appreciate it.

It's like rushing bank rescues that don't rescue. Or bailouts that themselves need bailing out. You'd think we'd learn as we move on. Seems we prefer only piling on, and on.

Healthcare reform. Environmental reform. More programs. More stimulus. More money. It's enough to make a patient man pause in his world. And a dead, patient man spin in his grave.

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