You know what's particularly insulting to me about these auto bailout hearings? Not the demeaning spectacle of the Big Three CEOs reduced to political punching bags, but the ones punching them.

Look, as any semi-regular viewer of this show knows, I'm not fan of bailouts — this one, any one. But I'm even less of a fan of holier-than-thou congressmen judging any industry on financial accountability.

It would be like me preaching to a panel of personal trainers they should exercise more. You wouldn't see it. And you wouldn't buy it.

So why are we buying this?

Congressmen who spend trillions with no accountability demanding the same of company chiefs who now have no shame? That's not just a shame, my friends. That is a sham.

It is a sham when a congressman who's built a career on bringing pork to his district lectures a CEO on wanting to bring pork to his company.

The CEO shouldn't even be asking. But I'll tell you what: That congressman sure as hell shouldn't be judging. Not when we've racked up billions for programs our fiscal stewards can't track and deficit upon deficit children of Republicans and Democrats can never, ever hope to repay.

Don't you find it incredible that some politicians who couldn't tell the difference between a spreadsheet and a bed sheet are the ones offering financial pointers?

Well, the sheet has hit the fan, my friends. And we're the ones getting stuck with the bill for this spectacle.

The spectacle of politicians who spend our money like it's going out of style daring to judge an industry that will likely spend that money right out of existence. Politicians who talk of austerity, but never live it. And yap all the time about financial accountability, but never show it.

Which is why I'm so fed up with it and them.

Not the poor panderers who grovel before them. But the pathetic hypocrites who have the nerve, the nerve, to lecture them.

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