Here's the one thing that must be the lead story of the day. McDonald’s has announced an 80 percent rise in profits last year compared to 2007. They made $4.3 billion in profit last year, compared with $2.3 billion the year earlier. Why?

The answer is: the economy. People can't afford to eat anywhere else, so 58 million go and eat at McDonald’s each and every day.

Where's the outcry from Washington that all of a sudden McDonald’s is getting rich on the backs of the poor in this economy? Why isn't anyone shouting that they should be lowering the price of their burgers and fries? How come no one is demanding that the evil greedy clown pay a windfall burger profits tax?

Back in May of last year, California Congresswoman Maxine Waters threatened to nationalize the oil industry when they were making so-called windfall profits. Where is she now on this obscene McDonald’s profit? Exxon's profits only went up about three percent from 2006 to 2007 — from $39.5 billion to $40.6 billion. McDonald’s made 80 percent more profit, and think of all the environmental damage done.

The IPCC says we should eat fewer cows to stop global warming. Progressives are never going to go after Ronald McDonald or their obscene profit. It is all about politics, control and power. The calls for windfall profits tax had nothing to do with the price of oil or how it affects you.

Controlling the fry-a-lator doesn't make you a powerful lawmaker. It makes you a 14-year-old pimply-faced kid. That's why you don't hear anyone calling to nationalize the McGriddle.

The same thing is happening with the stimulus package. You are actually struggling. What if I could give you and every homeowner with a mortgage $17,000? Would that be helpful? It would cost $825 billion. Or what if I could fill up the gas tank in everyone's car for the next five years?

This isn't about you. It's about bailing out their buddies in the state, spending a billion dollars to get them new computers and green cars. I have more faith in giving the money directly to you, because you are the person who's struggling and going to McDonald’s because of the things they have done.

When's the last time you think someone from Congress stopped in McDonald’s to have a burger because they had to?

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