Congratulations! You're Fired!

You know, I'd love to work on Wall Street. Here's why: You can't fail — ever.

Because when you do, at least if you're high enough up there, you get a nice parting package when you leave there, which makes me wonder whether anyone's accountable for anything there!

I mean, can you believe the money Morgan Stanley (search) directors are doling out to former CEO Phil Purcell (search) and former co-President Stephen Crawford?

Try $76 million for leaving, going, hitting the road, never to darken the firm's doorsteps again.

And this, presumably for being personas non gratis.

Well if that's non grata, color me Jack La Lanne (search). And newsflash: I ain't Jack.

And clearly I don't know Jack about the workings of Wall Street. Where you can be called on the carpet for ruining a firm, but get a wonderful parting gift when you leave the firm.

No wonder so many kids out of school want to work there. If you get far along enough, it's almost impossible to screw up there.

And no wonder so many investors don't trust financial firms with their money. Maybe it's because they see a lot of it — literally — going out the door.

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