Confession From the Grave May Solve 37-Year-Old Murder Mystery

British librarian Harvey Richardson's confession from the grave may have solved the mysterious 1970 strangling death of Lorraine Jacob, a 19-year-old mother of two, the Daily Mail reports.

Police are investigating claims that the recently deceased 77-year-old murdered Jacob after decorators found a detailed confession while renovating Richardson's home, the Daily Mail reports.

Forensic and handwriting experts are analyzing the nine-page note that was found with a folder of press cuttings relating to Jacob's murder.

Jacob's body was found dumped in an alleyway in Liverpool in 1970, and investigators were never able to find her killer. At the time Richardson, who police described as, "well-educated, but secretive and reclusive," lived in a nearby neighborhood where he worked in a restaurant.

"The confession isn't dated and it's not signed," Detective Superintendent Ian Kemble told the Daily Mail. "But it is very detailed and has given us clear lines of investigation. We won't know until we have expert evidence if he definitely wrote it."

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