Concert Stampede in Indonesian City Kills 10, Injures Dozens, Police Say

A stampede at an Indonesian punk rock concert killed 10 people and injured dozens of others, most of them teenagers, police said Sunday.

The crush happened Saturday night after a show by local band called Beside in the regional capital city of Bandung on Java island. Hundreds of people tried to leave the performance at the same time, causing a panic, said local police chief Col. Bambang Suparsono.

Ten people were trampled to death and scores of others were treated for breathing difficulties, said Noorman, a doctor, who like many Indonesian goes by a single name.

Police in Bandung, about 160 kilometers (100 miles) southeast of the capital, Jakarta, were questioning 15 concert organizers but no arrests had been made, Suparsono said.

Concert organizers were not immediately available for comment.

Such stampedes have happened before at Indonesian pop concerts and sports events, especially in provincial towns where crowd safety measures are often inadequate.